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Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

August 15 2018

Are you thinking to resolve your mutual issue in peaceful way and not finding any way out?
We are the renewed and efficient arbitrator in the city with many years of experience and work exposure in this area.

At its core, arbitration is a form of dispute resolution. Arbitration is an alternative to court action (litigation), and generally, just as final and binding (unlike mediation, negotiation and conciliation which are non-binding).

We at CCLRC are register Arbitrator and resolving several two parties and multi-parties issues since a decades.
We have been working in various sector of arbitration like,
1. Commercial Arbitration is the most common of disputes. Just as it sounds, it is a dispute between two commercial enterprises.
2. Consumer Arbitration surrounds disputes between a consumer and a supplier of goods or services.
3. Labor Arbitration involves the settlement of employment related disputes. This form or arbitration can be divided into two main categories: Rights Arbitration and Interest Arbitration.

Arbitration is the way to resolve your dispute from your-self. This process has several advantage and gives great benefits to both parties.