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Message from the Chief Advocate


As they say “Change is Rule of Life”. Despite the fact that we are fortune to Follow rather than Invent in terms of the very Foundation of Law and Virtue laid by our Ancestors, our Rule of Law is always Challenged by the force of complex nature of ever changing world and modernity.

We think about globalization and growth as a broad picture today in which the place of “Law and Order” has become even more significant day by day. Professional ethics and efficiency determine success in all profession but the legal practice affects the destinies of people even more seriously therefore the position of practitioner of the leadership in such practice is truly nothing less than materialization of responsibility and ability. Only appropriate and strong function of the law can protect the rights of all concerned by scheming conflicts and elevating the sense of civic responsibility and security so to help others live in a trouble free society and preserve rule of law in social union.

I hope that the CCLCR has sown its seed that will grow and be nurtured by your continuous trust and support so that together we can help create a better world for our generation to come.

Bharat Kumar Lakai

Adovate : Supreme Court of Nepal.

Partner : CCLRC, Nepal